15th Annual Golf Extravaganza

The 15th annual Golf Extravaganza held at Bountiful Ridge Golf Course on October 20, 2007 at 9:00am began with ominous weather on the horizon, and by the time the first group arrived at the sixth hole it was raining and sleeting.  As a result the days event was limited to just 9 holes, and caused a few to question if the weather was better or worse than the extreme cold and wind endured in 1999 at Hill Field during our 9th annual golf event! 
In spite of the poor weather, those attending enjoyed the opportunity to catch up on the latest news and renew old friendships.  
Class of '73 alumni participating in this years event were:   Rod & Sheree Stanger, Mark Brown, Dick Wright, Jeff Robins and Keith Russell.  Other participants included Scott Brown & Brian Wood

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This Years winning group


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