L O S T  &  F O U N D
(m o s t l y   l o s t)

No matter how hard any reunion committee tries, there is always a list of individuals whose location is a mystery!  Below is a list of those individuals.  If you know where these individuals are, or if YOU are on the list, PLEASE let us know how to reach them/you by sending us an e-mail, or replying on the Guestbook page.  Even if you're not in the list below, we would appreciate a note confirming your mailing address and your e-mail address.

Angie Abeyta Martindale Susan Daily Davis Alan Harris Dennis Parsell
Scott Ashby Lester Daily Karen Hatch Armstrong Yule Peterson
JoAnn Austin Ruben Dietz James Hough  Found!! Lana Phillips Brigance
Marian Ayers Joann Drakos LaVerne Jim Valerie Putman
Bill Barnes Gloria Dye Rosemary Johnson Iles  Found!! Mont Seeley
Brent Barton Judy Fehlman Siebrandt Found - kinda - in Texas Robert Law Michael Sharp Found!!
Shauna Bennet Iverson Craig Fisher Colleen Lichtenwalter Goodwin Carey Smith
Stewart Bowring Wesley Garrett Jack McCoy Pauline Stewart Frost
Jerry Burk Donny Goldsberry LeAnn Moss Holcomb Cynthia Tanner Palmer
Steven Butler Kip Green Searle Doug Noga Gay Taylor Merrill
Teri Coonradt Bybee Brent F. Hamblin Karen Paine Kerper Kim Wightman Wade
Ronald W. Criddle Wes Hansen Alan Parrish  Found!! Anna Wilson Graham
Kelley Cunningham      

If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please e-mail us at dhsclassof73@hotmail.com.

Other Lost Items:
D-ette 8mm movies  - Three boxes of 8mm movie film, making the rounds some years ago, are now officially lost. If you know the whereabouts of the D-ette movies please contact us at dhsclassof73@hotmail.com.

Are you missing something of interest to the Class of 1973?  Would you like to advertise it on the Lost & Found page? 
Send us an e-mail with the details so we may include it here!


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