30 Year Reunion - Tour of DHS
June 28, 2003

There were two DHS tours on June 28, 2003 beginning at 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM.  They were conducted by Clay Robins, Class of 1975! (younger brother of Jeff Robins)  The first tour consisted of only 8 or 9 people, casting doubt whether it was worth all the effort to arrange for the tours.  The size of the crowd for the second tour (40 or more people) erased all doubt, and confirmed the effort had been well worth the while.  Young and old alike enjoyed seeing the dank and dark caverns, previously unseen crawl spaces, and the original auditorium in the 89 year old school.  Other highlights included visiting the old canteen, checking out the old classrooms under the old auditorium stage, and seeing the "D", which will be salvaged and placed somewhere in the new school.


After descending into the depths below the old auditorium stage.
“Gee, it still smells like 1973 down here!”
  -Jeff Robins

Upon entering the original auditorium above the second floor on the east side of the school.
“I had no idea this was here”
  or “I’ve never been in here” -Numerous Individuals

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C.Ward L.Berntson, C.Ward R.Roper, x


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