30 Year Reunion - Dinner
Oakridge Country Club - June 28, 2003

The dinner held at Oakridge Country Club the evening of June 28, 2003 was the main reunion event, attracting 101 individuals, including 70 alumni.  The evening started with a social hour, which was truly a sight to see.  There were people talking and reminiscing everywhere.  People entering the establishment were sometimes mobbed by old friends, and asked to pose by photographers!  It took some people over 20 minutes just to make their way to the registration desk to get their name tag!!  The name tags displayed the persons photo from the 1973 yearbook!  Once beyond the registration desk, the memorabilia tables were visible including Cheerleading uniforms, old school news papers including “The Dart” and “The Scroll” from Kaysville Jr. High.  Other notable memorabilia included the 1973 Junior Prom ticket book, 1973 Homecoming Dance ticket, the 1972 & 1973 D’Ette scrapbooks, a 1973 football signed by team members, a "Fiddler on the Roof" program, Letter Jacket, Vesper Services Program, Commencement exercises program, and so forth.  After the memorabilia table, photographs in the form of a slide show were being shown on a six foot screen.

The buffet style dinner started at 7:00 PM and included dinner salad and dressings, red potatoes, Beef Burgundy, Grilled Chicken Breast, medley vegetables, rolls and vegetables, along with cheese cake and various desserts. 

Following dinner, the alumni were treated to a barrage of jokes, stories, tales, and adlibs from Emcee Mark Brown.  Mark’s theme for the evening was the “Atkins Diet”.  The first prizes awarded were golf prizes to Debbie Myrup and Dan Murray who were unable to receive them the night before at the picnic.  The winning golf team members were then called forward to accept their first place plaques. 

Then, in an unusual twist, the emcee requested prize categories be dreamed up on the spot by the audience.  "...Not the usual 'who came the furthest' questions... something more interesting", that could be voted on by the audience, and determined by applause volume.  The following is the list of categories, winners and prizes awarded: 




Most surprising attendee at the reunion

Joe Jackson

One Beef stick (for the Atkins Diet conscious)

Most Trendy Hairdo

Lisa Manning Burgener

One Beef stick (for the Atkins Diet conscious)

The hairdo that has changed the least

Sherry Wilkes Bullock

One Beef stick (for the Atkins Diet conscious)

Most surprising job or career

Ken Page

(almost a General)

One Beef stick (for the Atkins Diet conscious)

Weirdest job/profession

Evelyn Child Walkenhorst

(Sells goods to prisoners)

One Beef stick (for the Atkins Diet conscious)

Most Biological children

Dale Chamberlain (10 kids)

Three Beef sticks (for the Atkins Diet conscious)

Most Yours, mine, & Ours children

Julie Loe Ickes (10 kids)

One Beef stick (for the Atkins Diet conscious)

During the prize presentation to Joe Jackson, Dave West took the floor long enough to announce that Joe was the only member of our class to serve in Vietnam.  The announcement was warmly applauded.  Well Done Joe!

Mark Brown concluded his remarks with several quotes, and words of wisdom.

The final award of the evening was a plaque presented to Jeff Robins & Connie Mouser Robins, recognizing their dedication in organizing the reunion.   Jeff Robins, requested to speak, simply stated that over the years he had learned the effectiveness of delegation, and that he simply delegated to a talented group of committee members, then concluded by thanking everyone for their support.

Then, in a surprise move, Emcee Mark Brown announced we would be selecting the persons in charge of the next reunion by drawing names from a box.  Alyson Evans Brown drew two names, revealing Brad Timothy (class President) and Keith Russell (Class Secretary) would be responsible for the next class reunion! 


During the middle of visiting, and renewing old friendships.
“…This is my first reunion, and now I’m kicking myself for not attending the others!”
  -Mike Darrohn

After Lisa Manning Burgener was nominated for most trendy hairdo.
“Hmmm... I just thought Lisa arrived by motorcycle”
  -Mark Brown

After the emcee stumbled trying to pronounce Julie Loe Ickes last name.
“… can’t we just call your husband Dennis Loe?”
  -Mark Brown
“…If you say my last name backwards is spells SEKCI (pronounced Sexy)”
  -Julie Loe Ickes

After it was announced that Joe Jackson had served in Viet Nam.
“… okay…so…, no loud noises from behind Joe”
  -Mark Brown

During the nomination of Ken Page for most surprising job or career.
“… he went from nothing to almost general back to nothing” 
 -Ken’s former friends

(click on thumbnails below to view larger image)

B.Brewer, S.Gibbs S.Morrison, K.Brough M.Bowman. N.Bylund M.Brown, C.Erickson
x, J.Beecher L.Berntson, x A.Hendricksen, L.Cammack, T.Mauchley, A.Anderson L.Phillips, C.Mouser
C.Pianezzola x, D.Murray J.Jackson x, D.Chamberlain
M.Darrohn, R.Stanger, x x, B.Timothy, C.Pianezzola J.Beecher D.Wright, R.Hovery, x
x, E.Richards x, J.Syndergaard S.Wilkes J.Kemp, x
x, T.Rasmussen, J.Beecher J.Burnham, x, C.LaCasce, x M.Darrohn, B.Robbins, J.Johnson, K.Page T.Mauchley, P.Evans, N.Bylund
S.Dunford, x K.Russell, x M.Bowman, S.Wilkes M.Mayfield, x
T.Mauchley, M.Weaver, P.Evans, J.Loe, B.Romero D.West, x L.Cammack, A.Hendricksen J.Loe, D.Myrup
D.Green, x C.Bean, D.Yasuda K.Hatch x, R.Rigby
P.Bollinger, x, S.Wilkes B.Romero, M.Weaver S.Wilkes, P.Bollinger, T.Mauchley M.Brown, x, S.Jewkes
x, C.Parker D.Loesch, E.Child, M.Darrohn R.Rigby, C.Pianezzola K.Stettler, x
K.Page, J.Johnson, x, D.Murray, R.Hodgman, J.Jackson S.Wilkes, K.Paine D.Loesch, A.Anderson, T.Rasmussen, x B.Timothy, J.Jackson
R.Hovey, x L.Berntson, L.Cammack, A.Hendricksen E.Parker, x K.Brough, S.Morrison, S.Millgate
E.Child, D.Loesch, A.Anderson x, E.Richards, B.Brewer, S.Gibbs D.Green, x, C.Parker, x
R.Christensen, M.Mayfield, x, C.Mouser L.Cammack, R.Christensen, M.Mayfield, x C.Erickson, x, J.Loe, K.Page D.Myrup, S.Millgate
C.LaCasce, M.Allen, D.Yasuda D.Wright, x, R.Hodgman T.Mauchley, M.Bowman, N.Bylund, P.Evans x, J.Kemp, K.Brough, L.Phillips
M.Brown M.Brown, E.Child M.Brown, K.Page M.Bowman, M.Brown, S.Wilkes, D.Chamberlain
  C.Mouser, J.Robins K.Russell, B.Timothy, J.Robins, M.Brown  


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