30 Year Reunion - Picnic
Nicholls Park - June 27, 2003

 The reunion picnic held June 27, 2003 at Nicholls Park was a huge success by all accounts.  Approximately 80 people attended the picnic, including fifty or so alumni.  The picnic dining experience included deli meats & rolls for sandwiches, cheeses, pasta salad, cabbage salad, veggies, dips, and cold drinks.
The picnic quieted down long enough for Dick Wright and Mark Brown to award the golf prizes.  The adlib award ceremony turned out to be very entertaining, with every golfer winning a prize of some kind or another.  Other activities included renewing old friendships, and the kids drenching each other in a water balloon fight (the biggest kid was Class of ’73 Alumnus Kevin Hatch!)


After questioning if we were making any money on the picnic.
“All this for five dollars?  What a bargain!”
-Rex Christensen

After a discussion about looking older.
“If you want to look younger, get your picture taken with Dave West!” -Unknown

During the adlib golf prize ceremony.
“First Place is a trip to Hawaii... You just have to get yourself there, pay for your lodging and meals... we provide the ride to the airport and the luggage tags."
  -Mark Brown

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x, M.Mayfield K.Hatch, M.Zollinger D.Green K.Brough, J.Syndergaard
K.Paine, J.Jackson H.Bates, K.Hatch, L.Cammack, L.Phillips x, E.Parker J.Jackson, J.Robins, M.Weaver
L.Cammack, D.West x, H. Bates, J.Johnson A.Hendricksen, S. Morrison R.Christensen
S.Millgate, K.Brough, C.Mouser M.Allen, D.Yasuda A.Evans, J.Beecher K.Page, M.Weaver, D.West, D.Yasuda, J.Johnson
J.Fillin M.Darrohn, J.Jackson L.Steab, S.Christensen N.Mitchell
C.Mouser, M.Weaver R.Christensen, K.Stettler B.Robbins, C.Parker C.Bean, E.Richards
A.Andserson, K.Page J.Hough, B.Robbins J.Fillin, D.Wright N.Mitchell, H.Bates, K.Page, x
J.Jackson, H.Bates J.Hough, M.Allen, M.Gregory C.Mouser, A.Evans, M.Zollinger, D.Wright J.Robins, J.Jackson, R.Stanger, D.Green


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