40 Year Reunion
Golf Extravaganza

The first event of the 40 year reunion festivities kicked off with the Golf Extravaganza on June 22, 2013 at 10AM.  The plan called for a putting contest to begin at 9AM, but frankly no one could stop visiting long enough to squeeze it in!  Sixteen people participated in the golf event including Jeff Robins, Mike Darrohn, Dick Wright, Patty Bollinger Halaufia, Willy Halaufia, Ken Page, Joni Johnson Page, Gary Crawley, Tom Broschinsky, Bob Hawes, Ron Hovey, Kelvin Elliott, Cathi Elliott, Keith Russell, John Collier (Patti Evans Collier), and Leif Detter.  The weather was ideal with sunny skies and topping out at 81


After observing Leif Detter's Long Drive effort on hole 15:
I was the long drive champion until the Swedish Bomber teed it up and hit his drive! -Ken Page

 Had a prize been awarded for best sunburn of the day it would have gone to Jeff Robins who was burnt from head to toe.  (A total repeat from 10 years ago!  Will he never learn?)
... stick a fork in me, Im done. -Jeff Robins

This years winning group (pictured below) shot 9 under!    Well Done! 
The event turned out to be a great success as a result of the contributions of all who participated.

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This Years winning group



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