2 5    Y E A R    R E U N I O N


The 25 year reunion held September 5, 1998 is now just a memory.........
Is anyone surprised that those in attendance voiced a desire to have a 30 year reunion?!

4 - Allen Anderson, Tim Rasmussen, Bill Robbins, Ken Stettler, Anne Clarke Smith, Janet Syndergaard Steele, Shauna Hess Sowles
3 - Jackie Beecher Rigby, Pat Barton, Mike Schoenfield, Jeff Robins, Bill Barnes, Holly Bates Cobabe, Julie Loe Mason,

     Anne Hendrickson Cammack, Connie Trent Snider, Elaine Cotrell Carter
2 - Karilene Brough Pack, Jelean Peacock Hirschi, Judy Hutchinson Courreges, Connie Mouser Robins, Michelle Weaver Jordan,

     Angie Abeyta Martindale
1 - Tamra Mauchley Pluim, Nan Bylund Call, Sheila Romney Waddoups, Maureen Stenquist Laser, Eileen Richards Deleeuw,

      Lee Cammack, Russell Carter

     Not only did the group agree a 30 year reunion was in order, they unanimously elected Connie Mouser Robins to champion the effort.

M O R E    25 Y E A R    R E U N I O N    P H O T O S
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