Record Turnout for the
7th Annual Golf Extravaganza!

Cold and windy weather greeted the record turnout of alumni attending the 7th annual Class of '73 Golf Extravaganza.  The October 16, 1999 event came complete with temperatures and wind gusts in the 30's!!  The attire of the day included gloves, coats, sweaters, a watch cap, hand warmers, and a parka!
    Participants braving the elements included Ken Page, Joni Johnson Page, Rodney Stanger, Sheree Milgate Stanger, Keith Russell, Ken Stettler, Patty "Parka" Bollinger Halufia, Mark Brown, Jeff Robins, Dick Wright, Ron Hovey, Jeff Fillin, Curt Caldwell and Steve Jewkes.  
     The days events concluded with a luncheon
at the toasty warm Page's home, and added alumni Connie Mouser Robins, and Nola Mitchell Fillin to the mix.  The day was deemed a huge success by all who attended.

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