9th Annual (Y2k) Golf Extravaganza Results

Fabulous weather greeted the alumni attending the 9th annual Class of '73 Golf Extravaganza.  The October 6, 2001 event took place at Davis Park Golf Course, under sunny skies.  
    Participants at this years event included Rosemary Johnson Iles, Dr. Peter Iles, Ron Hovey, Jeff Robins, Keith Russell, Dick Wright, Dave Loesch, Curt Caldwell, Ken Stettler, Patty Bollinger Halaufia,
Allen Anderson, Mark Brown, Rod Stanger, and Sheree Milgate Stanger.  For the first time ever, two groups tied for the low round.  The Co-Winners, a twosome and a foursome, pictured below, shot a record 10 under par!!  
The day was deemed a huge success by all who attended.

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This Year two groups tied for low round, so we have Co-Winners!!
A twosome and a foursome!!

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