12th Annual Golf Extravaganza

The 12th annual Golf Extravaganza on September 25, 2004 at 9:00am was not as well attended as some of our previous golf outings, but for those who showed up it was an event to remember.  The 9 people who showed up divided into two groups to do battle for this years bragging rights on an absolutely perfect day of sunshine and warm autumn temperatures.  The nine individuals competing this year were Mark Brown, Ken Stettler, Mike Darrohn, Dick Wright, Julie Lowe Ickes, Connie Mouser Robins, Jeff Robins, Ron Hovey, and Peter Iles (Rosemary Johnson Iles hubby). 


After helping the team to a 7 under par on the front nine:
“This little event always brings out the best in me!” -Peter Iles

The final  words convincing all that Curt Caldwell was going to be a no show. 
”... He won't show up, we're talking about Caldwell here!” -Dick Wright

This years winning group (pictured below) shot 10 under!    Well Done! 

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This Years winning group


The Other Guys


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