Whirlwind Utah visit results in Mini Reunion!

A spur of the moment decision to travel to Utah, by Delmont Day, and a couple of phone calls, resulted in a Class of 1973 Alumni gathering! On February 26, 1999 a group of  former classmates met in Bountiful at Café Alicia’s, to reminisce and revive the old camaraderie. Alumni in attendance included Pyper King Stivers, Karilene Brough Pack,
Jeff and Connie Mouser Robins, Rosemary Johnson Iles, Terri Francis Miller, and Delmont Day.
Every good party deserves to be "crashed", and this gathering was no exception! Mark and Alyson Evans Brown, who just happened to be at the Café, joined us for a few fun filled moments adding to the excitement. The photos below depict the good time had by all at the 3 hour fun fest.

Pyper & Terry Mark, Terri, & Rosemary Jeff, Delmont, Rosemary, Terri, Pyper, Karilene, Connie
Delmont, Rosemary, Terri Alyson, Delmont, & Mark Rick & Karilene
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