By Mike Moyes                                                     Thursday - Feb. 15, 1973

    A Fiddler on the roof.  Sounds crazy, no?  Crazy or not, Davis High's "Fiddler on the Roof" cast and directors are making final preparations for this years production.  The opening night performance will be one week from tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Davis High School auditorium.
Kaysville Junior High students will view the musical in a special performance at 12:30 p.m. next Wednesday.  Davis' student body will see the production at the same time the following Friday.  The final public performance will be the evening of Saturday Feb. 24, at 7:30 p.m.
    Dress rehearsals with props and orchestra began early this week.  The cast has been preparing since December.  "I would say this is the hardest musical we've put on since I've been here," said Lorri Warren, who plays Golde.  "It's got, probably, one of the largest casts," added Ken Stettler, Tevye.
    "Fiddler on the Roof" is one of Broadways longest running and biggest shows ever produced.  Some said it was "too big for a high school."  Voice director Frank Parker, drama director Joe Graves, and musical staging specialist Mrs. Clytie Adams are proving differently.  The show is not ready yet, according to Mr. Parker, but it will be on time.
One dancer said that, "the cast's devotion and determination" is helping make the show.  "I think it'll be entertaining because of the choreography," said Golde.  It's gonna be fantastic!" concluded a cast member.
Admission will be reasonable.  All performances will be in the Davis High auditorium.  


  Tevye   Ken Stettler


  Golde   Lori Warren Mike Allen   Dawn Yasuda
  Motel   Tim Rasmussen Bill Barnes   Anne Hendrickson
  Yente   Pam Bodily Dan Bodily   Michelle Silotti
  "       Linda Huff Lance Carpenter   Michelle Weaver
  Lazar Wolf   Allen Anderson Robert Dunford   Jann Storey
  Tzietel   Alyson Weaver Jeff Fillin   Nola Mitchell
  Hodel   Evelyn Child Kevin Hatch   Leisa Goaslind
  "       Laurie Steed Curtis Johnson   Jill Stephenson
  Chava   Merilee Bowman Ken Page   Debbie Snell
  "       Nola Mitchel Jeff Robins   Connie Mouser
  Perchik   Patrick Barton      
  Fyedka   Bob Snow      
  Shprintze   Denise Little      
  Bielke   Dianne Timothy V I L L A G E R S
  Mordcha   Chuck Kettenring Steve Butler   Cheryl Loock
  Rabbi   Brad Keck Nan Bylund   Kevin McDonald
  Constable   Tom Broschinksy Elaine Cottrell   Reid Parrish
  Avram   Steve Johnson Dave Crookston   Paula Pritchett
  Mendel   Reid Miller Marlan Evans   Doyle Sprague
  Fruma Sarah   Audree Clark Denise Ferrin   Cathy Tanner
  Grandma Tzietel   Lori Okabe Shauna Hess   Cory Thompson
  Fiddler   Grant Hall Judy Hutchinson   Cynthia Wassom
  Shandel   Lynette Swain      

Click Here to see a pictorial review of the 1973 players and performance


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