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W A N T   L I S T
We're still in need of at least one Farmington Grade School photo, and maybe others!  If you have a grade school photo not on the old photos page, Send us an
E-Mail and tell us what you have!



Roger Purdy,

DHS Class of '73, passed away Thursday February 2, 2023. 
Click here for obituary

Valerie Putman,
DHS Class of '73, passed away Friday May 26, 2023. 
Click here for obituary

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50 Year Reunion is History!!
See the Reunion News page for Details.


40 Year Reunion
** Memories Archived **
     The forty year reunion is now in our rear view mirror, but the faces and places have been captured for later reflection on these good times.... you know... the kodak moments.

DHS then
The reunion was held at Davis High School.  No, not the one you remember with linoleum and late night waxing and buffing, but new modernized replacement with carpet, tile and mortar.  And a few older, wiser souls, even if just for one evening.

DHS now

Ready to see those Kodak moments? Click the links below.

  Click Here for reunion dinner details and photos
  Click Here to see golf extravaganza photos
  Click Here to learn more about the unauthorized
                   pre-reunion Cammack gathering
Click Here for a listing of all reunion archives


30 Year Reunion is now in the History Books!!

Wanna see who was at the reunion?  Click the links below.

  Click Here to see and read about the Reunion Dinner
  Click Here to see more about the DHS Tour
  Click Here to learn more about the Reunion Picnic
  Click Here to visit the 11th Annual Golf Extravaganza News
Click Here for a listing of all reunion archives

The Reunion Committee would like to recognize those individuals who have contributed tips, hints, and other information leading to the arrest and conviction of the...uh.....rather... confirmed phone numbers and addresses of "lost" classmates.  The list also recognizes those who have contributed their grade school, or other photographs, to the cause!  And finally, to those who have contributed money supporting our reunion activities!
THANKS to those below (in no particular order) for their contributions:
Patty Bollinger Halaufia Dick Wright Brad Wilcox
Alyson Evans Brown Mark Brown Steven Busby
Jeff Fillin Nola Mitchell Fillin Dawn Yasuda Allen
Allen Crookston Allen Anderson Keith Slade
Ken Stettler Brad Timothy Curt Caldwell
Pyper King Stivers Susan Lundstrom Hamblin Glenn Whicker
Karilene Brough Pack Clydene Spencer Forbush Randy Rigby
Raymond Roper Diane Hafen Cluff Denise Little Hadfield
Rex Christensen Gayle Hill Landeen Delmont Day
Dave Loesch Carey Smith Dale Guest
Wendy Laser Thueson Julie Loe Ickes Eileen Richards DeLeeuw
Cristina Pianezzola Ken & Joni Page John Burnham
Michelle Weaver Jordan Michael Schoenfeld Starli Christensen Taft
Sheree Millgate Stanger Loren Berntson Jacki Beecher Rigby

We have had so much help with photographs, locating lost classmates, and donations, we've lost track of everyone who has helped!!!  Shame on us.  If we have omitted your name, please send us a friendly e-mail to remind us!!

Class of '73 Reunion Committee is an Equal Opportunity for Embarrassment Organization