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This scrapbook is devoted to the D-Ettes, who provided us with halftime thrills, spills, and splits!
Most of the pictures included here were taken from two scrapbooks, one dated 1971-72, the other
1972-73.  Our thanks to Historian Dawn Yasuda Allen for sharing the scrapbooks with us.
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Dee Larsen
Rushforth_A.jpg (4634 bytes)
Anne Rushforth
Stayner_S.jpg (4697 bytes)
Sherrie Stayner
Yasuda_D.jpg (3916 bytes)
Dawn Yasuda
Drill Mistress
Lundstrom_S.jpg (5265 bytes)
Susan Lundstrom

Dette_72-73.jpg (10444 bytes)

Asst. Drill Mistress
Rampton_S.jpg (4865 bytes)
Shawn Rampton
Pritchett_P.jpg (4817 bytes)
Paula Pritchett
Bean_C.jpg (4634 bytes)
Shauna Bean
Kimber_J.jpg (4919 bytes)
Jannie Kimber
Drew_R.jpg (5110 bytes)
Robin Drew
Romero_B.jpg (4251 bytes)
Benita Romero
Manning_L.jpg (4716 bytes)
Lisa Manning
King_M.jpg (4323 bytes)
Marla King
Weaver_M.jpg (5416 bytes)
Michelle Weaver
Prigmore_N.jpg (4732 bytes)
Nancy Prigmore
Hall_J.jpg (4364 bytes)
Janet Hall
Bollinger_P.jpg (5430 bytes)
Patty Bollinger
Bates_H.jpg (4657 bytes)
Holly Bates

The photographs of the D-Ettes in action are great, but we think you'll enjoy the "behind the scenes" pictures.   Exclusive Photographs of a D-Ette slumber party!  See a rare glimpse of D-Ette eating habits!
The only known photograph of D-Ette rejects (better known as Boy-Ettes) performing a halftime routine!!!  Click on the "The Early Years" or "The Final Years" to see for yourself!

The Early Years 1971 - 1972
The Final Years 1972 - 1973

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