T H E    J U N I O R    H I G H    Y E A R S
(Old Photo Archives)

Below are photos previously displayed on the "feature" page. The photographs speak for themselves.
Be sure to share these Kodak moments with your children.
(click on the thumbnail photo for enlarged view)

Junior High Years  1967-1969

Joy, Connie, Holly, Nancy, & Nola We are pleased to be able to provide this exclusive, and rare glimpse, into the very private lives of former KJH students!
1968-69 vintage "photo-booth" photographs.
1969 - KJH Track Team We feel fortunate to have located this Treasure from 1969!  The Kaysville Jr. High Track Team!
This very rare photograph includes three Jeff's!  Can you find the sleepy one?  And our thanks to Alan Parrish for identifying Coach Bjorkman.
rare_2.jpg (34184 bytes) We are pleased to be able to share this exclusive, and extremely rare glimpse of ninth grade worship!
This photo depicts the desperate measures two Junior High girls are willing to undertake to get their way!! 

kjh_4.jpg (70623 bytes) We all knew who was (or wasn't) running the show in 1968-69...and here's the evidence!!!
Geez, were all the girls that much taller than Ron?

kjh_1.jpg (59617 bytes) Although a bit wrinkled, this was life in 1967!
The wrinkles were likely a premonition of things to come!!

kjh_2.jpg (129704 bytes)

A rare clipping from the KJH Scroll in 1968!!
The Scroll Volume 7 No. 4

Geez, who would have thought the favorite TV shows of these three would still be on the air in the 21st century!!

Former Cheerleader Wannabe's making it to the big time in 1968!!
The Scroll Volume 7 No. 4

kjh_dir.jpg (32327 bytes) - From the 1967 KJH phone directory -
Mark wanted to be taller than both his constituents, but a compromise was reached and Nancy lost the coin toss!

Step with your left...your left... your left right left!  Circa 1968
- Many thanks to Allen Anderson for providing this photo.

Hmmm....Ron looks a lot like Dale in this particular photo!   5/14/1968 
The Scroll - Volume 7 No. 4



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