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Dettes_7212.jpg (32777 bytes)
Take 1 - Crazy Juniors


Dettes_7201.jpg (31068 bytes)
Take 2 - Cute Group


Dettes_7202.jpg (95246 bytes)
The Whole Gang


Dettes_7203.jpg (23313 bytes)


Dettes_7204.jpg (21147 bytes)
All the Juniors


Dettes_7205.jpg (19571 bytes)
Smile girls


Dettes_7206.jpg (44807 bytes)
2 for 1, Cheerleaders & D-Ettes!


Dettes_7207.jpg (33665 bytes)
Tryouts are so
exhilarating, tiring, scary, funny...


Dettes_7208.jpg (34744 bytes)
Officers - Past and Present


Dettes_7209.jpg (20432 bytes)
Looks like Robin stole Patty's thunder!


Dettes_7210.jpg (24263 bytes)
If the guys could see us now!


Dettes_7211.jpg (43386 bytes)
Boy-Ettes performing at halftime
geez, is that Ken?


Dettes_7213.jpg (25062 bytes)
Unusual D-Ette attire!!


news_26_72.jpg (44285 bytes)
A Noteworthy Achievement


Dettes_7214.jpg (97612 bytes)
Concluding the 71-72 Season


The Final Years 1972 - 1973

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