goldbar_750.jpg (3642 bytes)
1972-73.gif (4072 bytes)
goldbar_750.jpg (3642 bytes)
(click on thumbnail to enlarge)

Dettes_7301.jpg (44354 bytes)
D-Ettes in action...well..uh..,
one D-Ette in action


Dettes_7302.jpg (37916 bytes)
Wasn't this supposed to be a quartet?
With pom poms?


Dettes_7303.jpg (59132 bytes)
There's lots of finger
pointing going on here


Lyrics_small.jpg (3289 bytes)
Original Lyrics by Nancy & Robin


Dettes_7320.jpg (34990 bytes)
D-Ettes & Flags


news_1_73.jpg (30296 bytes)
Even the Boy-Ettes get some press


Dettes_7304.jpg (25100 bytes)
A very rare glimpse of a D-Ette
eating in the wild


Dettes_7314.jpg (27752 bytes)
The usual....
hurry up and wait


Dettes_7316.jpg (64394 bytes)
You were supposed to be on the right!
No!...your other right!


Dette_fan.jpg (42581 bytes)
The D-Ettes have many fans


Dettes_7215.jpg (27190 bytes)
D-Ettes have experienced a situation
similar to the current Y2K problems


Dettes_7308.jpg (17368 bytes)
Going somewhere Robin?


Dette_fan_not.jpg (32157 bytes)
Another fan of the D-Ettes...


Dettes_7317.jpg (73331 bytes)
D-Ettes in action


news_2_73.jpg (19802 bytes)
D-Ettes march for the Stars


Dettes_7313.jpg (57454 bytes)
Who put the brakes on?


Dettes_7318.jpg (69186 bytes)
Hi Mom!


Dettes_7315.jpg (50707 bytes)
These splits need a lot of work girls


Dettes_7319.jpg (140447 bytes)
What football!!!??    Where!!!!??


Dettes_7309.jpg (37667 bytes)
There's a time and place for everything girls!


Dettes_7307.jpg (33373 bytes)
The Braintrust caught in lighter moment


Dettes_7312.jpg (22253 bytes)
3 out of 5 D-Ettes surveyed recommend it


royalty11.jpg (43519 bytes)
D-Ettes were members of Royalty


Dettes_7310.jpg (36789 bytes)
You're doing it all wrong, it's like this!


The Early Years 1971 - 1972
Song written by Nancy & Robin

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