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Remember not these other days
When you and I were young.
Despair not the quiet days:
The death toll has rung.

But in a sleep forgetting
All the time spent with you:
Life seemed so happy but
With life now we're through.

An old man they called me.
I guess you're old too.
But I'll never regret
All the love spent with you.

Now dry up those tears, Love,
And open your eyes.
Our lives are at end now:
Our star shines above.

         -Steven Busby

Days of My Youth

Days once were when golden wheat fields
swayed carelessly to and fro in the bright Illinois sun,
and corn stalks with their lion-like manes
stood guard over me till I grew weary and numb.

Sleek horses solemnly tended to their grazing,
while playful lambs darted in and out
like cats, and yellow cotton balls wobbled unsteadily.

A giant red barn served as an inn for
the inhabitants of the area, and served
all needs, regardless of rich or poor.

And now that I have left that place
and have taken to living in the city,
my youth lingers on only as a memory.

                           - Bill Barnes



Once there ran a brook quickly by
With fish silver and sleek
And birds flew in beauty in the sky.

The man came and brought his
             dirt and grime.
Now the fish are gone
And the stream breeds filth and slime.

The birds once flew and sang
              melodies long
And stars shone bright
But now there is no beautiful song.

             - Lee Cammack

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                                             - Sherrie Stayner

Free Love? Unwanted children.
Freedom? Loyalty unknown.
Democracy? Only half speak.
Abortion? Legal - but
Must we be so?

Clean girl? Much desired.
Double standards? Why not you, too?
Filth! Freedom of speech.
Drugs? Your own thing - but
Must we be so?

Love? Responsibilities.
Freedom? Unity and respect.
Clean girl? Clean boy.
Can we be so?
We must be so.

             -Sheila Romney


Fear not her mother, young man.
Though all mothers are matchmakers
          at heart,
She'll look for potential,
          not perfection on your part.
Be at ease with her family,
          tell them your plans.
Be at ease with the fact that
          you are a man.
She'll want you to be dashing
          for her daughter's romance.
Neat in appearance, a
          knowledge of the arts,
Ambition, honor, self-respect,
          and this is but a start.
Courage, drive, responsible, not too proud
          and yet another:
Be you a lover of children -
          for every mother yearns to be
          a grandmother.

                     - Patrick Barton


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G O L D E N    L E A V E S   -   1 9 7 3


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