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                                                      - Brad Timothy


You turn and you walk away
not saying a word.
My heart had so much to say
I wonder if you heard!

                       - Carrie Parker

Friendship is the far reaching capacity
     to share the soul and not be afraid to see
     the insecure, odd, funny me.
Time, event, humor and caring
     enjoyed more than the others who are bearing
     the sick joke and twisted idea thou art sharing.
Companionship brought forth from the heart
     that every thought has worked to break apart,
     but has only made a stronger feeling start.
We, like the time that swiftly passes by
     shall carry on and build until with a sigh
     we find we have reached that place more ultimate
           than the sky.

                                                  - Connie Mouser


Oh! that I could understand
The language with which nature performs its' symphonies.

The wind is the conductor
Leading each leaf and blade of grass into harmony
They whisper God - sent answers that my soul is seeking
Stars, the heavens, illuminate each performance as crickets
            philharmonically prepare.
The raindrop curtain falls at the finale.

Yet, I understand only what I see and feel
And now what I can hear.

                                                    - Wendy Laser


The Old Woman sits in the chair
Who would care?
About the dull burning for someone
The eternal flame teetering out.

Children play fast, laughing games
The hands of lovers are welded
Old eyes long through filmed glass
Memories race back; then quickly return
The present is void
No tears, no laughter

The Old Woman sits in the chair
Who would care ?

                     -Nancy Prigmore


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G O L D E N    L E A V E S   -   1 9 7 3


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