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Two "great" men meet.
Men with highest aptitude, ability, potential,
Who have the world and all its treasures waiting at their feet.
Their only limitations are their own desires and goals.

Two "great" men talk
As each contemplates the course he will pursue.
They want to know just where the other will walk
And, with ail his tools, what and how he will do.

The first begins,
"God has given me many talents and great ability
That I may obtain riches, comfort, and power over men.
He blessed me to be exalted over earth's nobility."

The next observes,
"Our Lord didn't use divinity for mortal superiority.
He devoted exalted powers in service to sisters and brothers.
This my mandate shall be: to use my gifts serving ail humanity."

Two "great" men part,
One with earthly ambition, the other seeking Christ's serenity.
They are unchanged and life shall soon impart to each the goal of
         his heart
Contemplate: The greatest in mortality - and through eternity.

                                                  - Eileen Richards

    Injun-meal Shorts

Down in the holier, swamps and bogs,
I went and did some hunting for some frogs.
I found a tin can and some Injun-meal shorts,
And wouldn't ya know it, I got some warts.

Some folks say if ya got a dead cat,
You can take it to the graveyard just for that.
Then late at night the Devils will come,
And take away your warts and the dead cat's tongue.

But I have found that this won't work,
'Cause most all folk, this job they'd shirk.
The best way now, and this won't flunk,
Is find some spunkwater in an old tree trunk.

Back up to the tree at just midnight,
And then this verse you must recite:
"Barleycorn, barleycorn, injun-meal shorts,
Spunkwater, spunkwater, swaller these warts."

I was lucky that day when I found those shorts,
'Cause now I'm rid of them awful old warts.

                                             -Ken Page

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                                   - Carrie Parker


The family tree shone in added glory this year,
As one limb extended its branches without fear;
A new life - full of a new hope;
A new life - with the world to cope.

This existence was delivered from God above,
To fill our hearts with reassurance and love;
But with closed eyes we shut him out;
With cold hearts we had no doubt.

All the world complained of another mouth to feed;
Another citizen added to the nation's creed;
Another problem to face;
Another human of our race.

A new life - holding hands with God;
A new being on life's path to trod;
A new life - to answer and explain;
Why must the world complain!

                       - Coleen Stoddard


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G O L D E N    L E A V E S   -   1 9 7 3


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