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The Invisible Man

His mind is lonely
The isolation of his thoughts
Produces a merciless dilemma.

His reflections, his dreams
His aspirations, his actions
Are now strangers unto him.

Yet the faith of things to come
A knowledge of the future
Produces a triumphant victory.

             - David Olsen

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                                                                                                - Gay Taylor


On A Conversation Gone
But Not Forgotten

You said I couldn't understand war
     as you did,
     a thing of fear, loneliness and despair,
     you, lost
     in a cause with no meaning.
I smile sadly remembering,
     I suffer also, your fear
        and mine.
     I am alone, having lost you
        to a cause forgotten.
     Each letter you write
       and each you don't gives me pain.
You with your reality of war
     and I with mine,
Who is to say which of us suffers more?

                                 - Jane Ann Kemp


Void of warning, it wakes us, mourning
Loudly, declaring powerful revenge.

Seas of still grass become raging tempests
Unable to remain at rest.

The airy seed of a yellow weed
Are imprisoned, instead of freed.

Sand, leaves, all things dead and small
Are airborn by it's breathy call,

And a gust decides what shall survive
And even a tree, large, strong, and alive
Does not escape it's insufflating influence.

                               - Wendy Laser


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G O L D E N    L E A V E S   -   1 9 7 3


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