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To be as a free bird
Swirling through the sky;
Flying for the beauty and
fulfillment it brings,
Not really caring if others
follow that coined path.

If only mankind could take
heed from this small strong source of wisdom.
Might we then be a brotherhood of free thought
and satisfaction.

Each person seems to live for
another person's values,
Trying to reach those goals
set by society.

I wonder,
if our little bird limits
his flight to the skies
that his companions have tried.

                                -Anne Rushforth

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                                    - Rosemary Johnson


Kind of Wish You Knew

You'll never know how much
you've done
for me
you see,
my souls been touched by yours
like soft, warm winds blown through the trees.

You'll never know how oft
I laugh
down deep
where I will keep
your clever songs, saucy smiles, and jokes -
those happy times I think of most.

You'll never know how long
I weep
at night
when light
is lost while haunting dreams
of you light up those bygone scenes.

You'll never know the love I feel
for you
so strong
how long
must I remain a stone
to laugh and hope and cry alone?

                             - Holly Bates




We're just an ocean full of faces;
And I often wonder why,
This world has gone so far astray,
And so many men must die.

And while I'm living on this forsaken earth,
I meet so many people who just want to
be free;
I don't know what it is that I'm searching
for; If I could open the door
What a help it would be.

We'll think back on the fools who lay dead
in the street;
How the gutters ran red, and burnt flesh
did stink.
And when things had cooled from that devouring heat,
Who had won; Who left to think?

- Eugene McDonald


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G O L D E N    L E A V E S   -   1 9 7 3


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