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                                                               - Sherrie Stayner


Why sings the bird his melody
        In flowing, harmonious prose?
Why does the brook so merrily ripple
        And gurgle a happy song?
Why does the wind sigh by and leave
        Its invisible breathless kiss?
Where ties the source of twinkling stars
        Their sparkling gem-like gleam?
Why do I live and breath and love;
        Feel, cry and laugh?
Why shines a wisdom quiet and pure
        In new born infants' eyes?
If I could grasp eternity
        And God's immortal plan,
I'd comprehend the universe -
        Creations of love divine.

                 -Maureen Stenquist


All It Takes is One Moment

Sometimes men wander through life without a care on their minds;
But other times there is so much care and strife that we forget to
see the beauties we can find.

The reflection of the sun on a calm lake,
And the white cumulus clouds floating in a bright blue sky,
What a treasured moment one can make,
If he would make good of his eyes.

If man can remember his beautiful experiences and be able to come
to his senses,
His strivings and cares and all sorrows would be like pebbles
amid the furrows.

                                                                   -Pauline Stewart

If things would fall
As placidly as snow
Upon craggy rock surfaces;
And settle as well
As the blanket
Of cool
Upon tepid clay;
Then surely tears
Would sink and flow
Back inside my soul
Where they
Belong ,
To stay.

           - Sherri Brough


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G O L D E N    L E A V E S   -   1 9 7 3


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